The Book

It’s almost here. A book for people who care about the environment, but are just too darn tired to figure out what to do.

Debra Castellano (aka “Citizen Deb”) is not one of those experts who talk about doomsday scenarios or stoichiometric capacity. Nor is she one of those nutballs who wears a hemp muumuu and fits a whole month’s worth of their garbage into an empty (vegan) mayonnaise jar.

She knows what a pain it is to figure out which take-out containers can be recycled (if any); what the difference is between “climate change” and “global warming,” and should we move to Mars; how money ruined everything; and gosh darn it, can’t we have a little fun?

My hair has changed, but this is sorta the vibe. (I think.)

Deb is a normal person like you, madly dog-paddling through this sea of life. She also knows a lot about what’s up with our planet, which she breaks down into fun-to-read chapters in this work in progress — since her superpower is explaining stuff in a way that doesn’t make your head explode. She’ll also take you along the ride of her personal adventures in trying to save the world (or at least getting people to use less plastic). And you can too!


This thing called “the environment” is overwhelming. Definitely intimidating. And sometimes boring. Citizen Deb is the perfect person to explain it. ALL of it.

With Ivy League environmental studies under her belt — plus lots of sustainability forums, town halls, compost shoveling, and a kooky sense of curiosity — Deb covers the gamut of enviro-topics: “The Beginning” (In the beginning, there was Darwin…), Waste (her pet topic), Energy, Climate, People, Water, Money, Food, Development, and finally, The End. She’ll zoom you back 4 or 5 billion years, and way ahead to some rather unique predictions. Everything you need to know — and you can, too!

In this book, Deb will start at the beginning — of everything — and, in her irreverent, personal, almost-TMI way, divide the environmental issues into fun-to-read chapters. They will be peppered with an interstitial running timeline of goings-on, from flip-flopping plastic-bag bans to environmental rollbacks to the natural disaster du jour. (Could be devastating wildfires; could be pandemic hair.)

Now more than ever, people are wondering about environmental matters…but if you just cannot tie yourself to the side of an oil rig in the Arctic to protest fossil fuel (#respect), at least you can read this book. In your comfy chair. And maybe while sipping a cocktail.

Let’s do this.

“Debra Castellano is your new best friend. Her witty inner dialogue and quirky, honest revelations dig up the adventure in life’s harsh unexpected challenges.”

 – NYTheater Now

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