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quote-leftAnd three weeks later I found him dead in his apartment,” I overhear an old man say to his friend as I pass them on a street in the West Village. Clearly, eavesdropping is a New York City perk, but who knew it could be so…weird?

– from “On Eavesdropping,” published on Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood
(Keep reading it HERE.)

And here’s a little historical jaunt through Tribeca that I wrote for the Tribeca Film Festival catalogue, featuring fashionable Colonials, elevated trains, and early coffee roasters…Tribeca pg 1(Read the rest HERE.)

Wanna read a sexy-geeky little piece I wrote on population as it relates to economics and climate change? The Truth About Population: And Away We Grow…

And here’s my spin on explaining environmental justice: Environmental Sustainability and “Racial” Equality: Can you have one without the other?

Oh! And here are a few guest blogs I did on bid’ness-type stuff:

Brush Your Teeth…and Show Up

Why “Retail Therapy” Works

Customers Are People, Too

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