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Waste Management: The Show!

A woman with waaay too much on her plate gives herself 49 days to save the Earth…
or at least get people to use less plastic.

Watch a
of Live Excerpts and an Interview with The MarshStream
aired live on January 13, 2021


In this show for people who care about the environment, but are just too darn BUSY to do anything about it, a woman tries to juggle pedicures, laundry, and gynecologist appointments with saving the world. Plastic bags! Toilet paper! Mob connections! Can she find a way through it all?


And follow my attempts to save the world on the show’s companion site:

“Waste Management: The Show” was developed in Matt Hoverman’s Go-Solo workshops.

The Adventures of Swamp Girl

SG postcard 4.21x5.47

A solo show in two acts
Written & performed by Debra Castellano
Directed by Armando Merlo


“Debra Castellano is your new best friend. Her witty inner dialogue and quirky, honest revelations dig up the adventure in life’s harsh unexpected challenges.”

– NYTheater Now
LAWTF postcard
“The Further Adventures of Swamp Girl” (act two) performed at the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival 2013. Breast cancer was easy–relationships are hard.

Wanna watch 3 1/2 minutes? Hit “play”…

Screen shot 2015-10-02 at 9.56.10 PM

“Surprisingly funny, light-hearted and ultimately inspiring.”

—Matt Hoverman, Emmy-winning TV writer
Act one of “Swamp Girl.” Who needs a therapist when you have knee pads? In the Midtown Int’l Theatre Festival 2011 with “Call Me” by Katherine Williams.
“The Further Adventures of Swamp Girl” (act two, in which Deb tries to find someone besides herself to marry). In the Midtown International Theatre Festival 2012 with “Stolen Thunder” by Ted McAdams.

“The Adventures of Swamp Girl” was developed in Matt Hoverman’s Go-Solo workshops.

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